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One stop versatile visualisation system showcasing the Indian Earth Observation capabilities in 2D, 3D mode
  • Bhuvan-2D

    Visualize Base map, Satellite and Terrain data along with host of tools and layer overlays

  • Bhuvan-3D

    View terrain in 3D with Global data fly thru facilities ( Best viewed on IE 8 )


Open Data Archive (NOEDA), rich thematic data as OGC Web Services, Disaster Management Information Support and Crowdsourcing

Application Sectors

Collaborative applications - Platform to share your data and create governance applications


  • Pest SurveillancePest Surveillance

    Collaborative Portal allowing users to share, access and upload the pests and disease related information

  • PlantationPlantation

    Visualize inventory of natural rubber and identifying potential wastelands for expanding area under rubber plantations



  • Kumbh Mela - 2013Kumbh Mela - 2013

    Portal for temporal data visualization of Kumbhmela area and facilitating download of data

  • Sports in IndiaSports in India

    Portal for visualization of locations of Stadiums by Sports Event/City


  • Himachal PradeshHimachal Pradesh

    Portal providing forest fire alerts, administrative forest boundaries, climate vulnerability, wildlife related data for visualization

  • KarnatakaKarnataka

    Application enabling users to visualize forest fires, assets, changes in forest cover, administrative forest boundaries


  • Sat-AIBPSat-AIBP

    Inventory for visualization of Accelerated Irrigation Benefit Program (AIBP) Phase-I & II projects. Tools, Utilities for online monitoring of Phase-III projects


  • ArcheologyArcheology

    Facilitates the users to select Archeological sites by State/Name and to know details about the Site

  • Tourism-GISTourism-GIS

    Portal for visualizing places of Tourists Interest, search near by places and facilities


  • Municipal GISMunicipal GIS

    Citizens can explore about the wards, facilities available, online planning tools towards better governance

  • Urban GrowthUrban Growth

    Characterization and Monitoring of the urban growth patterns using Multi temporal and multi spectral satellite data

  • Urban Information SystemUrban Information System

    Visualize Thematic maps for the towns prepared under NUIS scheme on a scale of 1:10000 assisting in Planning

Special Applications

Bhuvan is also extending its services for rehablitation and reconstruction activities during disasters and data support for International Disaster programmes
  • MANU

    Collaboration Portal providing information on events and allowing community participation for reconstruction of Uttarakhand

  • OSCAT-3D

    Oceansat-2 Scatterometer sigma-0 image reveals global coverage capability of OSCAT data

  • International Disasters

    NRSC/ISRO is extending satellite data support for International Disaster programmes



'Geoportal of Indian Space Research Organisation' is all about -
  • Visualization of multi resolution satellite images
  • Application enabled platform for Government data
  • Crowd-sourcing and enriching maps with people's inputs
  • Disaster Support Services : Domestic and International
  • Free data download through NOEDA
  • NICES services : Essential Climate Variables
  • Education
  • Public good services

  • Updates

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  • Near Real time information products on snow Snow cover fraction: Area under snow cover / Grid Area (3'x3')...Visit
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  • Know More


  • Bhuvan-3D Plugin Download
  • Bhuvan: Point of Interest, BhuvanPOI_v1.1 Android App allows mapping in an easy and intuitive Manner using smart phones.
  • Mobile Bhuvan - accessible in smart phones. 'Locate & Track' the position besides Visualizing High Resolution datasets Android App