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One stop versatile visualisation system showcasing the Indian Earth Observation capabilities in 2D, 3D mode
  • Bhuvan-2D

    Visualization of Base map, Satellite and Terrain data along with pan, zoom, place name search, overlays and online editing etc

  • Bhuvan-3D

    Access, explore and visualise IRS images and a bundle of rich thematic information in 3D landscape


Open Data Archive (NOEDA), rich thematic data as OGC Web Services, Disaster Management Information Support and Crowdsourcing
  • Open Data Archive

    Allows download of free satellite data and products of specified period and resolution

  • Thematic Services

    To display or analyze Thematic Maps using WMS / WMTS (OGC web Services)

  • Disaster Services

    To provide timely information on various disasters for better decision making

  • Weather Services

    Visualization of ISRO AWS data in near real time as well as archived

  • Ocean Services

    Visualization of Potential Fishing Zone, Sea Surface Temperature, Chlorophyll information

  • Mapping Services

    Comprehensive application facilitating user to embed their local knowledge and create value added maps through association

Application Sectors

To provide platform to create, visualize, share, analyze Geospatial data products and services towards Spatial Mashups


  • PlantationPlantation

    Visualization of inventory of natural rubber and identifying potential wastelands for expanding area under rubber plantations

  • Pest SurveillancePest Surveillance

    Collaborative Portal allowing users to share, access and upload the pests and disease related information


  • Decentralised PlanningDecentralised Planning

    Application to view the status of SISDP thematic data generation at 1:10000 scale and visualising digital database


  • Sports in IndiaSports in India

    Portal for visualization of locations of Stadiums by Sports Event/City

  • Kumbh Mela -2013Kumbh Mela -2013

    Portal for temporal data visualization of Kumbhmela area and facilitating download of data


  • KarnatakaKarnataka

    Application enabling users to visualize forest fires, assets, changes in forest cover, administrative forest boundaries

  • Himachal PradeshHimachal Pradesh

    Portal providing forest fire alerts, administrative forest boundaries, climate vulnerability, wildlife related data for visualization


  • Sat-AIBPSat-AIBP

    Inventory for visualization of AIBP Phase-I & II projects. Tools, Utilities for online monitoring of Phase-III projects


  • Tourism-GISTourism-GIS

    Portal for visualizing places of Tourists Interest, search near by places and facilities

  • ArcheologyArcheology

    Facilitates the users to select Archeological sites by State/Name and to know details about the Site


  • Municipal GISMunicipal GIS

    Citizens can explore about the wards, facilities available, online planning tools towards better governance

  • Urban Information SystemUrban Information System

    Visualization of Thematic maps for the towns prepared under NUIS scheme on a scale of 1:10000 assisting in Planning

  • Urban GrowthUrban Growth

    Characterization and Monitoring of the urban growth patterns using Multi temporal and multi spectral satellite data

Other Applications

Bhuvan is also extending its services for reconstruction activities and data support for International Disaster programmes
  • MANU

    Collaboration Portal providing information on events and allowing community participation for reconstruction of Uttarakhand

  • OSCAT-3D

    Oceansat-2 Scatterometer sigma-0 image reveals global coverage capability of OSCAT data

  • International Disasters

    NRSC/ISRO is extending satellite data support for International Disaster programmes


A Geoportal of ISRO facilitating:
  • Visualization of multi resolution images
  • Platform for Government data
  • Application enabled
  • Crowdsourcing
  • NICES services
  • Disaster services
  • NDEM
  • Public good services
  • Education
  • Free data download through NOEDA

  • Updates

  • Nagarhole/Bandipur Fire 2014: INFFRAS Rapid response based on IRS P6 AWiFS satellie data of 14 & 15 March 2014...Visit  NEW
  • Bhuvan 2.5D: Bhuvan now brings 2.5 D City Models under its Visualization Services...Visit
  • Open Data Archive: 2011 LISS III Datasets are integrated and extended services through Global Coverage products GAC-NDVI, new products Water Fraction, Wind Products...Visit
  • High Resolution Imagery(1m) of Cities: 90+ cities/towns 1m data from Cartosat-2 is made available for visualisation...Visit
  • Crowdsourcing: Comprehensive application Mapper facilitating user to embed their local knowledge and create value added maps.
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  • Bhuvan-3D Plugin Download
  • Bhuvan: Point of Interest, BhuvanPOI_v1.1 Android Appp allows mapping in an easy and intuitive Manner using smart phones.
  • Mobile Bhuvan - accessible in smart phones. 'Locate & Track' the position besides Visualizing High Resolution datasets Android App